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COI Accademia Enogastronomica (COI Food & Wine Academy) was created to represent the Sardinian Food & Wine heritage and hospitality. Founded in 2010 under the previous name Accademia Casa Puddu, our Academy organizes initiatives, meetings, studies, conventions, debates, events and seminars aimed at raising awareness among consumers, institutions and businesses about our high quality cuisine.

Through the promotion of typical products, we constantly build a showcase of excellence at international level, promoting the visibility of the cultural and environmental heritage that is communicated through the kitchen, by training young talents in order to make them protagonists of the revival of the culture of food and native productions.

We also support actions aimed at creating businesses in the catering and hospitality sector, through training, retraining and vocational guidance activities in Sardinia and worldwide.

Last but not least, we carry out intensive activities to build territorial networks in the local Food & Wine sector.


COI Accademia Enogastronomica is an advanced training school for food service professionals. Since 2014, we have been a training provider authorised by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

Our teaching programmes are divided into theoretical-practical lessons, workshops, internships, supervised study activities and tutoring. They take advantage of the collaboration of sectoral experts at regional, national and international level. Our teaching programmes are based on an extremely operational and practical approach, combining the objective of disseminating proper food information with the dissemination of our culinary traditions and agri-food products, reinterpreted in a modern key. All the training courses include experiential activities of continuous involvement, through innovative and inclusive teaching methods, with no waste and respect for the environment. But there is more than just cooking: the Academy is also hospitality and business. For this reason, we offer training courses dedicated to room service and reception, as well as professional training in restaurant management. Another key activity is consultancy for professionals and companies in the Food & Wine sector. We support the opening of new initiatives in the food sector and offer advice to those that want to innovate their format and share our ethical philosophy.

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