COI Accademia Enogastronomica’s trainers are all professionals who are experts in their fields. Technicians, nutritionists, historians, agronomists, as well as a group of talented and renowned chefs, maître and pastry chefs coordinated by the Academy’s technical and scientific committee, have been selected in order to have the highest quality.

The entire teaching staff is committed to guaranteeing the development of training courses aimed at giving the most complete vision of the world of catering and food and wine, which encourages the transmission of the authentic contents of the food and wine tradition with innovative and innovative techniques. The synergy between COI Accademia Enogastronomica and the most important chefs on the Sardinian and national stage has made it possible, over the last 10 years, to achieve a work placement rate of almost 94%.

Francesco Vitale

Born in Apulia, Francesco Vitale worked accross the Europe in the kitchen of lots important restaurants, the most important of which is certainly "The Fat Duck", a three Michelin Starred restaurant by Heston Blumenthalm. Then he moved to Sardinia and now is Chef and Educational Manager of our Accademia.

manuele senis

From San Gavino to Costa Rica, through half way around Europe to stop in Pula: travelling really made his cuisine. A cuisine led by a strict respect for the nature, for the seasons and for the marine resources.

marina ravarotto

Marina was born in Nuoro and "raised" in the best Sardinian restaurants. She brought to Cagliari the most traditional flavours of Barbagia, but in contemporary and original way, with the best local ingredients only.

giuseppe carrus

Sardinian of the World, Giuseppe Carrus travels the world in search of wines, wineries, terroirs, and also beers, liquors and cocktails. He is vice-curator of the "Gambero Rosso" Italian wine guide, and he teaches food&wine tasing techniques.