Our Campus

We are based in Baradili, in the heart of Sardinia, in the smallest town on the island. We have chosen to stay away from the cities but close to the fields and producers, to offer an even more complete and engaging experience to our students and guests. The Academy offers a cutting-edge facility, with classrooms and laboratories equipped with professional equipment and innovative Electrolux technology, designed to allow students to learn in a context similar to a restaurant kitchen.

Specifically, the project consists of:

• Two rural cuisine restaurants/pizzerias Sa Scolla), with menus based on local products, involving the Academy’s students: the first in Baradili, at the Academy’s headquarters and the second one in Cagliari;

• Specialisation school for chefs and haute cuisine operators;

• Training school for local producers in the Food & Wine and tourism sectors;

• Facility for cultural events, conferences and seminars;

• Campus with adjoining guesthouse to accommodate students during the courses;

• Incubator for business creation.

Our Restaurants

Sa Scolla - Pizza and trattoria is the restaurant of COI Accademia Enogastronomica, where students and teachers work together for you to discover and promote local Sardinian products.
Careful selection of raw materials, long leavenings, and great attention to our guests: that's what characterizes our work.
Our cuisine is contemporary but rooted in the traditions and always fresh. Our pizza is tasty, easily digestible, and made with healthy ingredients.

Baradili is the smallest town in Sardinia. Here, in the middle of our Island, COI Accademia Enogastronomica has found its perfect spot, where we can deal with our trusted farmers and suppliers day by day, surrounded by the nature.

Why Sa Scolla, just like our Academy, had to be here in Baradili? Because we belive it's the best way for you to experience our philosophy.

After two years in Baradili, we needed to grow, so we brought our ideas to Cagliari. Careful selection of raw materials, trust for farmers and suppliers, and deep respect for nature are the basis of our cuisine. Sa Scolla was intended to be in the countryside, that's why we opened our second restaurant outside the city center. 

We don't want Sa Scolla to be a passageway, we want it to be an informal but elegant lounge, where our guests can feel at ease while eating our dishes or Pizzas or while enjoying one of our Gin Tonics.

Sa Scolla è ormai una realtà affermata nel panorama enogastronomico della Sardegna, e non solo. Le nostre pizze e i nostri piatti sono una certezza per i nostri ospiti. Gli eventi e i corsi di COI Accademia sono la base del nostro impegno principale: promuovere i prodotti della Sardegna. Dopo la campagna di Baradili e il salotto di città a Cagliari, mancava solo il mare: e finalmente ci siamo, in una delle località costiere più belle dell’intera isola: la Costa Paradiso.